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Imperfect Harmonies?

2011-01-04 20:30:13 by Xmenace

Bought "Imperfect Harmonies". Man, it's impressive how Serj Tankian's music has changed since System of a Down, since "Elect the Dead". It's cool, but too relaxed for me. One of my favorite songs on the CD, "Left of Center", is the most hardcore. My other favorite song, "Gate 21", is nowhere near badass; it's simply beautiful. I just wish it was longer. The only two songs I didn't quite like was "Beatus" and "Yes, It's Genocide". The first one because it's just too slow, and the latter because (besides being sung in another language), it's too repetitive, and EXTREMELY slow. The lyrics on any one of these songs is touching, especially "Gate 21" and "Peace be Revenged" (I love the whole ecological style of it).

Imperfect Harmonies?


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