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Imperfect Harmonies?

2011-01-04 20:30:13 by Xmenace

Bought "Imperfect Harmonies". Man, it's impressive how Serj Tankian's music has changed since System of a Down, since "Elect the Dead". It's cool, but too relaxed for me. One of my favorite songs on the CD, "Left of Center", is the most hardcore. My other favorite song, "Gate 21", is nowhere near badass; it's simply beautiful. I just wish it was longer. The only two songs I didn't quite like was "Beatus" and "Yes, It's Genocide". The first one because it's just too slow, and the latter because (besides being sung in another language), it's too repetitive, and EXTREMELY slow. The lyrics on any one of these songs is touching, especially "Gate 21" and "Peace be Revenged" (I love the whole ecological style of it).

Imperfect Harmonies?


2010-04-27 23:13:03 by Xmenace

Okay then, I have four pieces of Art in my art page. My question is, are they good pieces of art? I really need to know. If you have something to say, well then say it!

Archery, Reinvented...

2010-03-22 18:42:20 by Xmenace

"To prove what an amazing archer I am, I'll knock the apple off of this kid's head!"
"I don't want to do this"
"Shut up! Oh, and to prove what an original archer I am, I'll knock it off with a rocket launcher!"

Blind Dude's Birthday Party

2010-02-12 23:41:57 by Xmenace

"Okay then, first of all, we'll play pin the tail on the donkey! And the birthday boy'll play first. But first, let's cover your eyes!"
"Are you fucking serious?"
"Yes, yes I am... And no peeking!"

I got a PS3!

2010-01-12 21:02:46 by Xmenace


Movie Review: 2012

2009-11-23 22:05:18 by Xmenace

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Warning: Spoiler Alert!

Yay, 2012 is here. I watched it with a friend of mine who already watched it, so he did spoil the ending for me, so I'll probably spoil it for you too if you haven't seen it. Most people think the movie is just two and a half hours of CGI-explosions. Well, for the most part, it is, but it has a good, yet basic storyline. It really gives you a greater appreciation of human life; although in most movies there are human deaths, in this specific movie, at least to me, the death were depicted as crueler and more brutal than others. The main character's posse was so intent on survival that their will to survive was almost selfish, putting at risk the lives of others. The government's approach at the situation, with the arks and the tickets, was rational, the statistically correct way to save humanity. Although Adrian's selflessness could be seen as stupid, irrational, yet anti-egoistical to most. Putting at risk a whole ark for the sake of less than 10 people was kind of stupid. Another point of criticism was the fact that most of the non-essential characters died, either trying to save someone (Sasha) or pathetically (Gordon and Temara).

Well, I've spoiled enough of the movie for you, post your thoughts on the movie, and even your thoughts on the cataclysmic event that's supposed to happen on 2012.

Yay, some new art!

2009-11-16 18:59:39 by Xmenace

I'm not that good of an artist, but my art is way better than some others trying to get in the Art Portal. I have much more drawings like this, but my laziness doesn't let me scan them for the moment. I really hope I get in the Art Portal; maybe I'll color them someday.

Seriously, just now, something died inside me. Oh wait, that's my pancreas. Barf! (Bear in mind I'm puking blood, not regular vomit, eew!)...

My Birthday!...

2009-09-20 14:23:11 by Xmenace

Even though most of you are going to insult me for no logical reason, I'll post this anyways... I am now thirteen years old! Not much else to say here...

Birth of a Hero

2009-06-29 00:42:49 by Xmenace

"Birth of a Hero"

I opened my eyes, and I was in a dark room. When I say dark, I mean completely black, I held my arms in front of my face and I could barely see them, and I also noticed they were a dark blue. I didn't know if this was normal or not because I couldn't remember anything. So, I decided to keep on walking (since I couldn't see anything, I slammed into the black walls many times). Then I heard a booming voice in my head saying
"You must be confused. Do you even know your name?"
"Uhh..." I said, racking my brains. " No, I can't remember anything."
The voice chuckled.
"Obviously you don't, I don't know why I even asked."
"Do you know my name?"
"Yes, your name is Angel."
"Why am I here?"
"This is Void, where heroes and villains and everyone is born."
"What am I then?"
"That is for you to decide, but I can tell you that you are destined to become someone very powerful."
"Who are you?"
"I am everything, everything that has ever been and everything that will ever be."
"OK then, where do I go from here?"
"First, you must collect your weapon and armor, and then you are free to exit Void and find out who you are."
I looked down, and I noticed I was naked, and I had dark blue skin. Then I proceeded. A light was shining upon a floating sword, which I picked up. It was light, I swung it around and it felt quite agile. Then I advanced furthermore until I saw a mask, a mask with a horn shooting out of the forehead upwards. As if though some force was pushing me to do it, I unwillingly put on the mask. Instantly, a sleek armor covered my body. I felt stronger, as if though I was invincible.
"With this blade and armor, you shall exit the void" the voice said.
As he said that, a shining portal appeared, and I flinched. As if though I was in a trance, I unconsciously approached the door.
"Go Angel, fulfill your destiny."
And I went through the door.

Thinking back, I felt really stupid going through that door and not asking where it would lead, because as soon as I stepped out, I was freefalling through a yellow sky. But then I noticed something I didn't notice in that dark room, I had wings. Enormous silver wings with white feathers shot out of my back. I spread them as wide as I could, and I was gliding super fast across the sky, and let me tell you, that it felt awesome. But I knew that I couldn't fly forever without any destination in mind. I looked for something to land on. And sure enough, I saw a floating island, drifting in the sky. As I landed, I saw a city in the island. No one seemed to notice me, so I simply walked along. I saw other winged people flying above me as if though it was the most normal thing in the world. I kept walking until I bumped into someone, another winged warrior in red armor.
"Watch it punk!" said a deep, angry voice.
"Oh, sorry" I said stupidly.
"Who are you!?"
"I'm... Angel... I guess." I said
"You must be new here. Let me show you around the city."
"Who are you?"
"My name is Inferno, but most people call me Fern. I'm the toughest warrior in all Aethos, the city you're looking at. Now follow me, I trust you know how to fly. Do you?"
"Yeah, just barely."
"Eh, you'll learn sooner or later."
He jumped in a fiery blaze and started flying. I followed, but struggling to stay afloat. I hoped I'd learn stuff like that later on. There were still stuff I needed to find out, like... what is Void... or... where am I... you know... stuff like that. While I was thinking I realized we already arrived... wherever we're going.
"We're here." said Fern
"Where!?" I said.
"The palace of Blazer, he'll identify you and teach you how to fight, fly and do... stuff."

The palace was made of some kind of luminescent stone, like diamond, and was magnificent. As we walked near the door, the huge gates opened. We walked up the long staircase. Well, at least I walked, Fern glided gracefully beside me, taunting me. When we reached the top, I saw a throne made out of the same rock as the castle, and someone sitting in it. He looked wise and energetic.
"Inferno, what did you destroy now." He said in a calm voice.
"Nothing, I came to bring you a newcomer, his name is Angel." said Fern.
Blazer examined me from head to toe, as if though he was trying to decide what I was.
"Hmm.... Interesting" He said in a low voice, then he straightened himself. "You may go Inferno; I'll take care of the newcomer, Angel, as you say." Inferno reluctantly took flight at a surprising speed. I wonder if I'd ever learn to do that.
"Well!?" I said impatiently," Now what!?"
Blazer chuckled. "Now we must go into the Phoenix Realm, I'll teach you the basics of flight and combat."
"You don't have wings." I said stupidly.
Blazer let out another chuckle. "You'll see."
He led me to the bottom of his palace, where a secret trapdoor guided us to the basement. There was, in front of me, an ancient gate with a wall behind it. It had tons of ancient writing and symbols unrecognizable to me, but I did identify the drawing at the top, a flaming golden bird, a Phoenix. Blazer thrust his hand forward, then his hand and the gate both started radiating a golden light. Moments later, the gate opened, revealing a golden light.
"What!? Don't be shy, get in!" hurried Blazer.
When I got in, I felt myself falling, I tried to fly again, but I landed. Blazer was on an invisible platform above me, then the platform dissolved and he landed right beside me.
"Okay then... let's get this started already." Said Blazer, taunting me.
"Get what started!?" I said, frustrated. "I don't know how to fight pr anything."
"I'm not gonna' teach you, you'll learn it by yourself." As he said that two majestic, flaming wings appeared behind him, and he charged toward me full speed (which was VERY fast) and before I even had time to react, I received a hard kick to my chest. I went kneeling to the ground.
Blazer smiled "What, still no ideas on how to fight?"
He was brutally strong and fast. I had no chance without a weapon. That's it! Where was my sword!? I got up, still trying to get steady. I extended my arm and the sword appeared from out of nowhere in a flash of light. I slashed wildly in front of Blazer, who went back and received a tiny gash in the neck. He smiled at me again and leaped into the air, his two enormous wings extending and he started charging at me, this time with some of the golden light in his hands. I tried to mimic him, willing my hands to sprout something like that... anything! Two small gassy white orbs of light appeared and I threw them at Blazer, who didn't see it coming and the two orbs exploded in his face. The blow rendered him immobile, writhing in pain, as he fell to the ground. I started cheering for myself; I never thought I'd be able to do that. But Blazer got up.
"Amazing, you managed to learn how to use your sword and manipulate your energy. Now how about putting the two together?" Blazer said. Again, he thrust out his hand as a golden long sword with diamond decorations and an enormous shield made of gold appeared in his hands. As he started swinging the sword quickly, a tail of golden light followed the tip.
"Now you try." Said Blazer.
I tried and I perfected the technique right there. I also made some up by my own, like one involving the trail of light to be freezing in mid air and propels toward Blazer.
"Incredible." Said Blazer, but with a cold expression "Now to teach you how to fly."
He moved his hands in an incomprehensible manner and the invisible floor crumbled underneath me. Blazer started flying so fast in a circle that I could only see a golden blur and the trail of light behind it. I struggled to even continue floating; I didn't even know if I could fly. Then, as if though reading my discouragement, Blazer broke his trajectory to zoom beside me and again, taunted me. I got mad and I flied again at a speed nearly bordering Blazer's. I also realized through cruel training that I could control my energy in any part of my body. I could make my wings flash white and actually ram enemies with them and I could charge up my leg with energy for a devastating kick. I fell on the ground, exhausted, hoping Blazer won't make the floors dematerialize.
"Why?" I said, panting. "Why were you so cruel back there?"
"Well... I normally don't do anything like that with the newcomers, but you're something special, no one could've mastered all those moves as fast as you did." Said Blazer, who was also on the ground, exhausted from all that fighting.
"Now where do I go?" I said.
"There's a race in a week from now, you'll be able to prove yourself as a racer and a fighter in that race, cuz' everything is allowed." Blazer said, "After that, if you win, you'll be unimaginably famous and other veteran fighters will want to challenge you."
"But... you trained me as if though there were other challenges besides tournaments." I said "Is there something dangerous beyond the fog that covers Aethos."
"Glad ya' asked. Lately some monsters have been coming out of the fog and terrorizing our peaceful existence here on Eomatix. Our warriors have been defending our city bravely, but I fear they'll soon land a major blow on Aethos infrastructure." Said Blazer. "But for now, we better get out of here; Phoenix spirits don't like people visiting them for long amounts of time."

I didn't even want to think what that meant. Blazer again moved his hands and the same gate appeared in front of us, revealing the palace basement I saw what seemed a million years ago. We exited and Blazer gave me a final goodbye, and I jumped through the window at an exciting speed. In my flight, I slowed down when nearing the city, and then I spotted a banner saying
'Signups for next week's Big Race'
I smoothly landed in front of it, in a clearly marked landing spot. I proudly said my name and I happened to see Fern standing beside me.
"Hey punk, getting good at this I see. You're signing up for the Race." Said Fern, smiling, then his smile changed into a serious, threatening look. "I'm gonna crush you anyways." Then he took off, leaving a circle of fire around him.
"What a jerk!" said a female voice beside me.
I turned and I saw a girl, kinda like me, lost but confident of her.
"Yeah, not much of a confidence builder." I said
She laughed. "You're funny, what's your name."
"Angel, the best in the making." I said.
"Cool, mine's Cascade." She said with the smile still on her face.
"Awesome, see you at the tournament?" I said hopefully.
"Yeah, I don't mean to brag, but I'm a pretty fast flyer." She said
"We'll see." I said in a half-taunt half-joke.
We parted ways and when I was randomly flying around town, I thought of something I hadn't thought of before. Where the hell was I supposed to spend the night!? I wanted to go back to Blazer's palace, but I'd look too much like a crybaby. So I wandered the city to no avail. Then I randomly ventured out of town limits, into the fog. I found tons of rocks drifting in the mist, and then I ventured further upwards. What I saw made my jaw drop. Tons of reddish, pinkish clouds but when I touched them, I realized they were solid, but fluffy. From here I could see the sun, which was invisible from Aethos surface. I smiled to myself, I'd found a home. At least... for now...

The week came and went with no exciting events. I slept really comfortably on my cloud... bed... thingy.... The day of the race I was very nervous. I wanted to win so badly. Blazer seemed to be rooting for me, so I thought I had a good chance to win. We all got to our starting points, there were about 20 flyers in all, I only recognized Cascade and Fern (duh, those two are the only ones I know). Blazer was in a throne overlooking the race, smiling at me. The race started with an announcer screaming in a booming voice the classic 'On your Marks... Get Set... GO!!!!' We all blasted off the race, none of us actually touching the ground. For a moment I was in first, and I prayed that the race continued like this for a long time, but Fern, with Cascade behind him, caught up and taunted "Time to make this race more... interesting." I remember Blazer saying that in these races 'Everything is allowed' so I was afraid what that taunt meant. Inferno thrust out both of his arms and two fiery orbs appeared. He did a somersault, gaining speed and flying in reverse with his front turned toward me. He threw the orbs at me, but I elevated myself and the orbs hit Cascade, exploding in front of her and sending her crashing to the ground. I tried to ignore that and continued at full speed. If he wanted to play dirty, I'll give him a goddamn mud fight. I charged up my wings, which glowed a bright white. Then I rammed Fern in the back, which fell on the ground. I lowered to the ground to step on Fern's immobilized body and boosted from there. I thought I was gonna' win the race, with Fern in the ground and Cascade and the rest if the flyers nowhere to be seen. But I turned and saw Cascade, with a glowing blue ball, resting in her arms. Just water, I thought, but then she threw it at me at an amazing speed. It crashed into me, hurting a lot and filling my wings with water, making them heavy and slow. I fell, hopeless. There was less than half of the race remaining; there was no chance I'd win. But I had to go on, I simply had to... I got up, still with the weight of my wet wings at my back. I willed the air around me, I don't know how, to slow down. A huge white orb seemed to envelop me, and I levitated with ease. I charged, and as I looked around, I saw other racers falling behind in slow-mo. I smiled, yet was still confused. I had no idea what was happening, but I just... went with it. I won, arriving on the landing platform. As I landed the white orb around me dissolved and I fell on my knees, the slow-mo effect was too much of a strain for me. Everyone congratulated me, unaware of what happened out there. Cascade came in 2nd, and Fern, who managed to get up, came in 3rd. They were both awestruck about my ability. I merely shrugged when they asked me how I did it. Another mystery left unsolved...

Blazer sent one of his servants fetch for me after the race. When I arrived at the so-familiar palace, his servant sent me to the throne room.
"I saw what you did out there, in the race I mean." Blazer said, with his back turned toward me. "It seems you have inherited my role in the universe, son."
"What the hell are you talking about!?" I asked, confused.
"Were you too foolish to understand from the beginning, my son? I am your father. I realized I was getting too old to keep on fighting and flying around, so I assumed the place of Aethos' king and sent you to the Land of Creation, the Void..." Blazer said turning toward me.
I simply stood there, with my jaw dropping. But I realized I was stupid not to have guessed it before. Why else would he put me through such rigorous training?
"Okay, but what do you mean by 'Inherited my role in the universe'" I said
He merely looked me with a look of regret, as if though he had said too much.
"All will be explained soon..."